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Denmark Tours and Vacation Packages



Denmark’s History

Denmark is a maritime nation and lies directly north of Germany and to the west of Sweden. The Jutland Peninsula is the only actual region of Denmark connected to mainland Europe, with the rest of Denmark comprising of about 400 different islands. It is the smallest country within Scandinavia and the Nordic region.


Denmark’s history goes back over 1,000 years ago, when the Danish Vikings ruled the land. Today, this country is home to an appealing mixture of vibrant cities and beautiful farmland and countryside. There are also many white-sandy beaches within an hour’s drive of almost anywhere.
The lively capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in Scandinavia. Copenhagen is truly the jewel in the Danish crown and contains a host of cultural attractions and world-class museums. There are many castles within the city and surrounding areas. There are also many fine restaurants and attractions including Tivoli Gardens, the oldest city amusement park in the world.


Denmark Tour Ideas

If you’re looking for something suitable for the family, take a look at our Denmark tours that include trips to Legoland and the Tivoli Gardens. For a little more of a historical experience, our Castles and Manor Houses Self Drive Tour is great option. It is well suited to architecture lovers who want to get a look at some of Denmark’s older buildings dating back to the 16th century.

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Vacation Packages and Tour ideas that include Denmark:

Scandinavian Capitals

Independent Tour / Scandinavian Capitals


Copenhagen - Stockholm - Oslo - Flåm - Bergen

Scandinavian Capitals are independent tour itineraries that offer stops in two or more of the capital cities plus an extension into the fjords. These are flexible tours and can be customized just for you.

from $760

6 - 12 day tour

All Year Round

Copenhagen & Bergen

Escorted Tour


Copenhagen - Lofthus - Bergen

from $1828

6 day tour

May - June - July - August

Castles & Manor Houses Self-Drive Tour

Self-Drive Tour


Copenhagen - Faborg - Odense - Skanderborg - Aarhus - Nibe - Brovst - Aalborg - Hornbaek

from $970

7 day tour

All Year Round

Heart of Denmark & Legoland Self-Drive Tour

Self-Drive Tour


Copenhagen - Odense - Svendborg - Billund - Silkeborg - Aarhus

from $901

7 day tour

All Year Round

Four Capitals

Escorted Tour


Stockholm - Helsinki - Stockholm - Copenhagen - Oslo

Tour add-ons:

from $2629

9 day tour

July - August

Fabulous Scandinavia

Escorted Tour


Copenhagen - Oslo - Geilo - Bergen - Stalheim Canyon - Flåm - Fagernes - Stockholm

Experience the best of Scandinavia on this journey of the Scandinavian Capitals and the Norwegian Fjords. You will be treated to cultural and historic delights of the Capitals and
also get a taste of the wild nature that the Norwegian Fjords has to offer. Enjoy this fabulous part of the world and appreciate a fantastic blend of history and nature.

from $2383

10 day tour

June - July - August - September

Scandinavian Panorama

Escorted Tour


Copenhagen - Oslo - Ulvik - Bergen - Balestrand - Geiranger

from $3615

11 day tour

June - July - August

Three Capitals & the Fjords of Norway

Escorted Tour / Norway Fjords Tour


Copenhagen - Oslo - Lofthus - Bergen - Flåm - Balestrand - Geiranger - Oslo - Stockholm

It all begins in the fairytale capital, Copenhagen, then experience the Viking capital, Oslo, before ending in the enchanting and elegant capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Along the way you
will be witness to the spectacular mountains and magnificent fjords of Norway, and the fascinating capitals with their cobble-stoned streets, palaces and canals.

from $4780

13 day tour

May - June - July - August

Scenic Norway + Stockholm, Helsinki & Copenhagen

Escorted Tour


Oslo - Ulvik - Bergen - Flåm - Balestrand - Geiranger - Stockholm - Helsinki - Copenhagen

from $4472

14 day tour

June - July - August

Grand Tour of Scandinavia

Escorted Tour

Aurland fjord

Copenhagen - Oslo - Ulvik - Bergen - Flåm - Balestrand - Geiranger - Oslo - Stockholm - Helsinki

from $4776

15 day tour

June - July

Scenes of the North

Escorted Tour


Copenhagen - Oslo - Lofthus - Bergen - Flåm - Balestrand - Geiranger - Oslo - Stockholm - Tallinn - Helsinki - St. Petersburg

Experience the Nordic highlights on this comprehensive journey of Scandinavia and other Nordic capitals. Be amazed by the contrasts, from Viking Capitals to the wild nature of the
Norwegian Fjords, and the enchanting palaces of St Petersburg. Enjoy this modern, yet exotic area with its medieval history and feel the essence of the north!

Tour add-ons:

from $6604

19 day tour

May - June - July - August