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Sognefjord in a Nutshell

  • Aboard the Flåm Railway | J. Akselsen
    Aboard the Flåm Railway | J. Akselsen

Oslo | Flåm Railroad | Fjord Cruise | Balestrand | Bergen

*Daily departures May 01 - September 29

The world’s longest open fjord carries with it the magnitude of its moniker: the King of the Fjords is a vast, impossibly breathtaking region with the unique ability to make you feel equal parts miniscule and strong enough to take on the world in the same breath. Sail for 5 incredible hours down the full length of the branching fjord on your Sognefjord in a Nutshell journey*, discovering the remnant of ancient glaciers and waterfalls as you travel from one end to the other. Experience Norway’s outer coastline as an added bonus: the enduring beauty glides slowly by on your way to Bergen, gateway to the fjords!

*The two layouts below allow you to choose, in turn, two separate itinerary options (Day 01 on the Oslo-Bergen route, Day 02 on the Bergen-Oslo route).



Ferry on the Sognefjord. Photo courtesy Visit Norway.

Day 01: Oslo - Myrdal - Flåm (Flåm Railroad)

You’ll leave Oslo Station this morning or early afternoon aboard the train, taking in the incredible mountainscapes around you as you journey to Myrdal and embark for a spell on the world-famous Flåm Railway. Descend 2,838 feet within the hour, gorgeous views of the surrounding Sognefjord and wildlife at every turn.

Arrive in the enchanting fjord town of Flåm, located at the tip of the Aurlandsfjord. Waterfalls cascade down the side of the mountains, colorful cottages dot the hillside, and snow lines the roof of the world above—even in summertime! Accommodations tonight are at one of two outstanding four star hotels with panoramic views of the fjord.

Fretheim Hotel or Flåmsbrygga Hotel

Flam, Sogn og Fjordane.


Day 01: Oslo - Myrdal - Flåm (Flåm Railroad) - Fjord Cruise - Balestrand

If you’re taking the secondary option for Day 01, you’ll leave Oslo Station this morning and follow the same route to Myrdal with a connection to Flåm on the spellbinding Flåm Railway. Catch an express boat directly from the pier, gazing in awe at craggy walls and waterfalls as you bisect the Sognefjord on your way to historic Balestrand.

Check in at ‘the jewel of the Sognefjord’, the Kviknes Hotel—the oldest fjord hotel in Norway—where you’ll enjoy dinner and overnight accommodations in this Swiss-style gem.

Kviknes Hotel

Day 02: Flåm/Balestrand - Fjord Cruise - Bergen

Following a filling Scandinavian breakfast, embark from either Flåm or Balestrand on an incredible adventure through the heart of the Sognefjord for the next 5 hours. Caribbean-blue waters, magnificent rushing waterfalls, and tranquil villages slide by the boat as you pass through the heart of fjord country and end your journey in Bergen.


On the Flåmsbana, known as the Flåm Railway. Photo courtesy Visit Norway.

Day 01: Bergen - Fjord Cruise - Balestrand/Flåm

Depart from Bergen’s Strandkaiterminalen (that’s Norwegian for ‘the terminal located on Strandkaien’, a street adjoining the gorgeous Bergen Havn and Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf) on a fjord cruise through the heart of the Sognefjord. Make your way along the Norwegian coastline and then inward toward either Balestrand or Flåm, where a night amidst spectacular fjord scenery and dinner at a four star hotel await.

Kviknes Hotel (Balestrand) | Fretheim Hotel or Flåmsbrygga Hotel (Flåm)

Day 02: Balestrand - Flåm (Flåm Railroad) - Myrdal - Oslo

Catch an express boat from the quay in Balestrand and arrive in Flåm in the early afternoon. Amble through the picturesque byways of Flåm to the Flåm Railway Station, a few minutes’ walk from your local four star hotel.

Climb aboard the train car and be prepared to keep your nose pressed to the glass: this world-class, 1-hour journey is one of the most beautiful railway experiences you’ll ever see. Ascend 2,838 feet while catching startling glimpses of waterfalls, wildlife, and snowcapped peaks before reaching Myrdal. From here, you’ll take a connecting train and end your journey in Oslo—the Viking capital of Norway.


Day 02: Flåm (Flåm Railroad) - Myrdal - Oslo

Stroll Flåm’s streets this morning to reach Flåm Railway Station a few minutes’ walk from your local four star hotel. Continue aboard the train car, discovering firsthand why the 1-hour journey is one of the most beautiful railway experiences in the world, before arriving in resort-town Myrdal. Take the connecting train to Oslo, racing along the edge of the serene Tyrifjord.

A view of the fjords, courtesy Visit Norway.

Additional Information

Price includes:

  • Train ride between Oslo – Myrdal, standard class (includes required seat reservations)
  • Train ride on the world-famous Flåm Railway
  • Fjord cruise Sognefjord: Flåm – Bergen (via Balestrand)
  • 1 night stay at Kviknes Hotel (includes dinner, breakfast)
  • Detailed tour itinerary and tour brochure with trip information

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A lighthouse near the fjords of Norway. Photo courtesy Visit Norway.


P.P. double/twin May 01 – September 29: from $595 per person (Oslo - Bergen or v.v.)
Single supplement: from $50

Other Sognefjord in a Nutshell Itinerary Options

Option 1: Oslo - Myrdal - Flåm - Balestrand - Bergen - Oslo
Option 2: Bergen - Myrdal - Flåm - Balestrand - Bergen (or in reverse)

Please contact us for pricing for the mentioned routes above.

NOTE: Stay additional nights at the historic Kviknes Hotel—or add in a stay at Flåm’s Fretheim Hotel / Flamsbrygga Hotel—if you like! We’re the pre-planning types: we can book hotels anywhere you like (in Oslo or Bergen, for example, before and after your trip) if needed.

Want an upgrade? Sure! We’ve got an upgrade between Oslo and Myrdal to Komfort Class. It includes a PC jack, coffee/tea, and a Norwegian newspaper for $19 p.p. per train. It doesn’t apply to the Flåm train or the local Voss-Bergen trains.

By the way, did you know you can add our Nutshell fjord trip to virtually any itinerary? Contact us to plan a larger tour.

Finally: luggage, while bulky, is part of the process. We understand if you don’t want to lug it around with you from Oslo to luggage SMBergen (or the other way around, if that’s how you’re doing it), so why not let us lug it for you? We’ll transport your luggage for $45 per piece (pre-book only), and give you peace of mind while you travel the fjords in style. Don’t forget to pack that overnight bag for the nights in between.

Tour Information

Tour Type:Nutshell Fjord Tour / Norway Fjords Tour / Independent Tour
Price: from $595
Duration:2-5 days
Cities Visited:Oslo - Myrdal - Flåm - Balestrand - Bergen
Departures: May - June - July - August - September

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