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The Northern Lights over Norway | Photo: Alex Conu | Scandinavian American World Tours

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About Our Travel Agency

Established in 1982, Scandinavian American World Tours (also known by its shorter byname, ScanAm) is a Scandinavian-run travel agency based in the United States dedicated to pursuing our clients’ wanderlust with savvy, experience-driven ingenuity. All of our agents are native Scandinavians or have lived in the Scandinavian region for an extended period of time—they’ve traveled throughout each country and racked up unique encounters with locals, witnessed pristine wildlife, and engaged in many of the same activities they send their clients on. As a company, we’ve made it our mission over the past three decades to build lasting relationships with cruise lines, historic hotels, exceptional hotel chains, rail lines, and ferries in the regions we operate within. We send our clients to some of the most extraordinary places on the planet, and we’re thrilled to continue the tradition of excellence in travel.

As we enter our 37th season, we hope you’ll join us in exploring the amazing lands we’ve spent our lives falling in love with over and over again. Whether you’re looking to gaze in awe at the icy outline of the Northern Lights through the clear ceiling of a glass igloo in Finnish Lapland, tread the ancient cobblestone byways of Stockholm’s Old Town, or embark on a 12-day sailing of Norway’s coast and fjords, we can help you plan for the ultimate travel experience!

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