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Old Sod Travel, Scandinavian American World Tours Join the Blank Canvas Tours Family

April 18, 2019 / Announcements | Practical Information | Tours

We’re very excited about what the future holds: we are joining the Blank Canvas Tours family along with our friends at Old Sod Travel! This will allow our team to continue focusing on luxury travel in Scandinavia…

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A Short Guide: Sea Kayaking on the Fjords

June 22, 2017 / Norway Attractions | Practical Information | Scandinavia Attractions | Tours

A Short Guide: Sea Kayaking on the Fjords Paddling over serene, rich blue waters between steep fjordscapes just might be one of the most surreal…

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Travel Journal: Hiking the Nigardsbreen Glacier Tongue

October 5, 2015 / Norway Attractions | Practical Information | Tours | Travel Journal

Travel Journal: Hiking the Nigardsbreen Glacier Tongue The first step off a massive stone slab worn smooth and onto gritty, crumbled diamonds—the larger Nigardsbreen glacial ice…

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