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Antarctica Tours and Vacation Packages

Discover Chilean fjords, cross the Drake Passage, and sail to the wilds of Antarctica

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Taking a tour of Antarctica means braving a journey few have taken to one of the final places of profound serenity—crossing some of the most extreme environments in the world. Depart from the southernmost inhabited countries in the world, Chile or Uruguay, and join us as we travel to this unsullied natural wonder, uncovering the very base of our planet!

A range of amazing wildlife—from whales and seals to birdlife found in no other location on Earth—greet you at the shores of the world’s seventh continent. Wander amongst the denizens of fearless penguin colonies and witness the struggle to survive in this elemental, delicate ecosystem.

Depart from Chile or Uruguay and tour Antarctica on Hurtigruten Cruise’ MS Midnatsol

When you travel with us, you’ll sail in the wake of some of the world’s most daring explorers aboard a custom-designed ship: the MS Midnatsol possesses an intimate, tailored feel with comfortable luxury touches. Highly conscious of the frailty of this ethereal landscape, the expedition crew aims to leave zero impact on the environment and still give you the most authentic experience possible.

Tours to Antarctica

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