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Visit Greenland: discover icebergs, polar bears, and the largest national park on Earth

The contrast between ancient and modern in Greenland is striking: the Greenland ice sheet (the second-largest in the world) grinds away at a relatively quick pace over roughly 80% of the country, and modern, man-made structures dot the landscape in between.

Crowded fishing ports, high-rises, and restaurants near the capital of Nuuk give way to magnificent scenery: pure air, Arctic wildlife, and colossal icebergs that appear in towering teal-and-white fragments from the depths of the serene blue sea. Up close, the Greenland ice sheet is a sheer mass of kilometers-thick floe: seemingly frozen solid and immobile, but in actuality racing along at nearly 11 miles a year. Verdant mountains with wildflowers frame Greenland’s countryside, long fjords, cliffs, and hot springs.

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