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The Baltic States and Russia Tours and Vacation Packages

The rooftops of Tallinn, Estonia
The Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia
Sauna Tower, Old Town Tallinn, Estonia
The Red Square, Moscow
Old Town Square, Riga, Latvia
Patkuli Viewing Platform, Tallinn, Estonia
Gediminas Tower, Old Town Vilnius, Lithuania
Toompea Hill, Tallinn, Estonia
Moscow's Zhivopisnyy Most suspension bridge
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Travel to the Baltic States and Russia: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, St. Petersburg and Moscow

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Those who travel to the Baltic region frequently find that their expectations about this clash of European cultures are shattered. Many cities of the Baltic are a multicolor mixture of medieval, Soviet, Art Nouveau, and modern architecture, while the countryside is filled with medieval castles, the stunning flora and fauna of national parks, and small towns that play host to an abundance of fascinating living history.

The Baltic Capitals: Tallinn, Estonia | Riga, Latvia | Vilnius, Lithuania

From quaint streets with Art Nouveau architecture to medieval cathedrals with sky-scraping spires, Tallinn is truly a magnificent cosmopolitan port city. Located just across the water from Helsinki, Finland, you’ll find five-star luxury and medieval architecture like Toompea Castle. A city located near the middle of the famous Via Baltica, Riga hosts a fascinating medieval Old Town, wooden buildings, line rigged harbor ships, castles, and a fabulous Art Nouveau atmosphere prevalent on the facades of its many buildings. And finally, Vilnius: parts of this breathtaking region were once an exclusive spa and vacation resort for the Russian elite, and it retains a rich history of Latin and Russian influences—including a stunning cathedral and the University, hailing from the 1570s.

Tour Russia’s Vibrant St. Petersburg and Imperial Moscow

The largest country on earth, the Russian Federation occupies a vast, dramatic, and fascinating landscape: its architecture, wildlife, and climate extremes are rarely matched across the planet. St. Petersburg, a colorful city once the capital of the entire Russian Empire and founded in 1703 by Emperor Peter the Great, is built around the wide swath of the Neva River and a series of canals. A vibrant cosmopolitan vibe pervades the atmosphere, and the city enjoys some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Europe. Moscow, as the current capital of Russia with a 1,000-year history, possesses spectacular eclectic architecture and a buzzing urban atmosphere. Arbat Street, the famous pedestrian avenue, is home to various Pushkin monuments as well as souvenir shops, street vendors, a theater, the occasional art installation, and well-known cafés such as Starbucks. The Red Square encapsulates the beautifully-domed St. Basil’s Cathedral as well as Lenin’s Mausoleum and the spectacular Moscow Kremlin.

Escorted Tours to Russia, The Baltic States, and Scandinavia