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The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands: a rich Viking and Middle Age history, the world’s oldest inhabited house, a sea stack reachable by cable car, subsea tunnels, and so much more

A fantastic archipelago positioned between Iceland, Norway, and Scotland and often crowned in fog, the Faroe Islands have an otherworldly beauty we’re excited to share. From the capital of Tórshavn you can easily set out to any destination on the islands: to the highest mountain, Slættaratindur, the famed bird island of Mykines, Gásadalur and its stunning view of Tindhólmur – the steep, .25-square-mile islet was named for its five peaks (Ytsti, Arni, Lítli, Breiði, and Bogdi) – or Tjørnuvík, with its impressive Giant and the Witch.

There are so many things to do and see: experience the Faroe Islands’ first Michelin-rated cuisine, hike through dramatic nature with a local guide, or explore the whole of the islands by car. You won’t want to leave! Visit through the gateway cities of Copenhagen, Bergen, or Reykjavik and make the most out of your Scandinavian vacation.

Tours to the Faroe Islands