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Our Team: Travel Industry Experts

Office Portrait 2016 | Scandinavian American World Tours

Scandinavian American World Tours’ staff are among the top travel agency specialists for the Nordic region in the United States, offering our expertise and travel services to an international clientele. Most of our staff are natives or longtime-dwellers of the regions we visit, and between us, nearly every Scandinavian language is represented.

Mikael | President | Scandinavian American World Tours

Mikael | President, Operations, Sales

I was born in Denmark and moved to the United States at 28. Every year, my family and I head back home for a visit and fill up on real Danish pastries and open-faced sandwiches—the best in the world! Afterward, we’d travel up to Norway. It’s a spectacular place to visit, between the fjords (you can easily catch a glimpse of their beautiful scenery on a nutshell fjord tour) and the stunning Scandinavian capitals. My favorite Scandinavian city is Stockholm, Sweden. It is so beautiful: there are so many bridges, interesting architectural elements to the buildings, and museums to explore. My absolute favorite is the Vasa Ship Museum—I could spend all day there poring over the artifacts and exhibits, particularly an amazingly well-preserved war vessel from the 16th century.

Linda | Vice President | Scandinavian American World Tours

Linda | Vice President, Accounting

I grew up traveling to Norway in in the summer, visiting my father’s homeland and staying with relatives in Kristiansand. An employee at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) for 15 years, I had the chance to travel all over Scandinavia—but Norway tours will always be my favorite. One of the best trips I’ve ever taken was through Bergen and Ålesund, including a journey on the Hurtigruten Cruises through the Geirangerfjord. Afterward, we experienced the thrill of riding the bus back to Ålesund along those narrow roads down the side of the fjord—all those scary hairpin turns! It was exhilarating. You just can’t imagine the vastness and purity of the fjords until you see them for yourself, both from the water and from high above gazing at the scenery below.

Denmark is also a personal favorite, as it is where I met my Danish prince (Mikael)! I love the historic castles, as well as the romance of Copenhagen. The small towns and farmland outside the cities are picturesque and peaceful, and Danish food is absolutely fabulous. I always enjoy sharing these experiences with our clients, and helping them arrange visits to the most interesting parts of Scandinavia—creating memories that they will always remember!

Par | Sales | Scandinavian American World Tours

Par | Sales

I’m a native Swede with an affinity for travel. I came to Scandinavian American World Tours after twenty years under the banner of Hurtigruten Cruises—my broad experiences within the travel industry and personal travel background are a great asset in helping you plan the trip of a lifetime. I’ve been known to suggest some outrageous and exciting itineraries, no matter what season! Where on the map have you been searching for an incredible experience? Do you want to see the Northern Lights, go dog sledding and drive a husky team, or sleep in a luxury tree suite (how cool is that!)? Call me, and I’ll find you the perfect fit to this spectacular part of the world!


Giuseppe | Sales | Scandinavian American World Tours

Giuseppe | Sales

I excel in planning incredible trips to both Scandinavia and Iceland. I’ve traveled extensively and lived in some pretty unique places, including Norway and Tallinn (in Baltic Estonia), and it’s given me the ability to share many personal as well as professional experiences with our clients when planning trips to these amazing Scandinavian regions. Experienced as well in working directly for Hurtigruten Cruises, I have firsthand knowledge and creative ideas that will help organize the best possible itinerary to fit your schedule, budget, and interests.


Sharon | Marketing | Scandinavian American World Tours

Sharon | Marketing Coordinator

I first visited Europe at the age of 15 on a 5-country tour with a tri-state orchestra and choir, and fell in love with the culture, people, and scenic beauty of each region. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate the diversity of the world’s many people groups through its wandering artists and the travel industry. Formerly the sole writer for the world’s top luxury tour operator out of Mongolia, I have experience in website and marketing management, blogging, social media outreach, and copy editing. In my spare time I love to travel, and write poetry and fiction.


Katie | Administrative and Inside Sales Support | Scandinavian American World Tours

Katie | Administrative and Inside Sales Support

I spent my junior year of college studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, and came back to the U.S. with the desire to see and do more in this big world of ours! I enjoy participating in the planning of our Scandinavian travel expeditions, especially those off the beaten path. With every trip, I place emphasis on ensuring all of the details are in place prior to the client’s departure—from editing documents to ensuring their timely delivery. I thoroughly enjoy traveling, and I’ve visited Canada, Germany, and Belgium on my time off. In my spare moments, I read travel literature, hike, kayak, and create scrapbooks of my travels.


Coco | Sales Support & Security | Scandinavian American World ToursCoco | Sales Support, Security

Woof! My name’s Coco, and I spend most of my days at the feet of my owners Linda and Mikael. I guard the office door, greet the mailman on his daily office run, lick envelopes (just kidding), drag Par out the door at the highest speed possible for my daily walk, and generally give the office good reason to smile and laugh on numerous occasions during the week.

I’ll meet you at the door with a friendly wag and beg for yummy treats, so come prepared!