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Independent Tours to Scandinavia and Iceland

Custom-designed, independent Scandinavian and Icelandic tours

If you’re the independent type–used to traveling at your own pace and following an exciting itinerary you contributed to designing yourself—we can help! We specialize in creating custom independent tours to Scandinavia that fit with your timetable, guiding you toward a great Scandinavian vacation based on your personal interests. You tell us what you’re looking for, we gather the trip components, you make the choices, and we craft and book the adventure!

Travel Scandinavia independently by car, bicycle, train, cruise, and more

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the majestic Norwegian fjords, sparkling glacier-carved lakes, and the Midnight Sun by car. Pass through medieval villages, charming countryside towns, and historic capital cities filled with famous castles, museums, and churches—dining on lavish smorgasbord buffets and meeting some of the world’s friendliest people in the process. Horseback ride through the Icelandic wilderness, or enjoy a sleigh ride tugged by a Lapland reindeer. Lounge in the ultimate sauna in Rovaniemi, high above the Arctic Circle in Finland, or sleep overnight in a glass igloo for an otherworldly glimpse of the Northern Lights. With so many options, your tour of Scandinavia will be unique and one to remember!

Below are some of our most popular independent tours and component journeys that we can fit to your schedule. Don’t see something that matches what you’re looking to see? Contact us—we’re Scandinavian owned and operated, and know the region like natives. We can tell you more about the areas you want to explore, as well as the many options for itineraries and tours available at ScanAm!

Independent Tours to Scandinavia and Iceland