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Winter and Northern Lights Tours

Scandinavia, Iceland, and Antarctica in the Winter: Winter and Northern Lights Tour Packages

Scandinavia’s winter is a paradise of pristine nature blanketed in powdery snow! Traditional cuisine and hot lingonberry juice are almost always on the menu in this corner of the world; the unique Arctic conditions and the ephemeral Northern Lights charm visitors, while curious local wildlife dot the landscape. Some of the best areas to see the Northern Lights—the world-famous ICEHOTEL in Sweden, the SnowHotel in northern Norway, and Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland—offer truly outstanding experiences: King Crab safaris, snowshoeing in the footsteps of the Sámi, local cultural tours, ice fishing, dog and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling under the aurora, the Kemi Icebreaker cruise, and more. Don’t forget to begin and end your journey in major cities like Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, where Christmas and seasonal markets add to the tangible charm of the city atmosphere!

Iceland’s winter is a majestic mix of glacier-covered volcanoes, frigid black sand beaches, frozen basalt columns, and glacial lagoons under an aurora sky. The capital of Reykjavik is a stone’s throw from the famous Golden Circle, magnificent in the winter time, and the northern capital of Akureyri neighbors Lake Mývatn: a beautifully scenic area where the Northern Lights often wander through the sky overhead.
Antarctica—though in the midst of its summer at the opposite end of the globe—lives up to its name as the perpetual White Continent, millions of penguins dotting an untouched wintery landscape. Cruise the Antarctic Peninsula and land at known Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins colonies such as Half Moon Island and Neko Harbor, crunching through pristine snow and discovering the secrets of a territory few people have experienced.

There’s just as much to discover in the winter as there is in summer, and we look forward to guiding you toward the memorable winter tour you’re looking for!

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